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Australia’s new vehicle market

In 2017, the Australian new vehicle market reached 1.189 million, up 0.9 per cent on the industry’s previous record year of 2016.

The 2017 record year also marked a continued shift in buyer preference and market dynamics with the Toyota Hilux topping the national vehicle sales charts over a 12-month period for the second consecutive year .

It also marked the first full year in which SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) sales exceeded those of passenger cars. Australians bought 465,646 SUVs during 2017 for a 39.2 per cent share of the total market, compared with 450,012 passenger cars with a 37.8 per cent share.

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Latest sales figures

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Australia’s new motorcycle and ATV/SSV market (2017)

Australia’s motorcycle and ATV/SSV market fell 9.3 per cent in 2017 although total industry sales stayed above 100,000 for the full calendar year.

National sales data released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries showed the 2017 result at 104,111, compared with 114,770 in 2016.

The 2017 market remained relatively steady in terms of its composition with road bikes remaining the most popular category and comprising 38.6 per cent of the market. Off-road bikes took a 35.9 per cent share, ATV/SSVs accounted for 21.8 per cent of total sales, and scooters just 3.7 per cent.

Among the individual brands, across the market Honda came in at number one with 24,166 sales (23.2% market share) overall, Yamaha in second place with 21,387 sales (20.5% share), Kawasaki in third with 9,986 sales (9.6% share), followed by Suzuki (9,012 sales and 8.7%), Harley-Davidson (8,903 sales and 8.6%).

Road bike sales nationally reduced by 15.9 per cent on the 2016 result.  Harley-Davidson came in as leader of the pack, ahead of Honda, and with Yamaha in third.  Husqvarna, Victory, Indian and KTM all saw increased sales in 2017 compared with 2016.

In the off-road bike segment, Yamaha again came in on top, followed by Honda and KTM.  Overall, the off-road bike segment suffered a 5.9 per cent fall on its 2016 result with Husqvarna and Honda as the only volume brands to record an increase in sales in 2017.

The ATV/SSV segment grew its share of the total motorcycle market (from 19.9% in 2016 to 21.8% in 2017) and was less affected by the general decline, with volumes falling across the segment by only 0.7 per cent on last year.  Polaris was the overall 2017 leader with Honda in second place and Yamaha third.  Both Polaris and Kawasaki posted increases in overall sales for the year.

In the shrinking scooter segment (which only accounts for 3.7% of total sales), Piaggio was the leader, followed by Honda, and Vespa in third.  The only brand to see increased sales in this segment was Suzuki (+5.8%).

Latest sales figures

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