FCAI Submission to the Department of PM&C: "Our Smart Cities Plan"

19th July, 2016

The FCAI member companies recognise the potential for automated and connected vehicles to
provide significant safety and environmental benefits to Australia through reductions in crashes and
congestion. New light vehicles (passenger cars, SUVs and LCVs) being introduced into Australia today
are being fitted with increasing levels of automation, and models introduced from late 2017 or early
2018 are expected to include features that will facilitate connectivity – vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and
vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications.
Collectively referred to as Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), this group of
technologies offer a fundamental, long term economic and environmentally sustainable solution to
improve road safety during the transport of people and freight by providing an important tool to
assist with reducing urban congestion and deliver the ’30 minute city'.

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