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Automotive Industry Support for Workplace Reforms

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has offered its supportfor the WorkChoices package announced by the Federal Governmentyesterday.

"We are pleased to see the additional level of detail that is nowavailable about the proposed reforms" said FCAI Chief Executive, PeterSturrock.

Mr Sturrock said, "In particular, there are a number of practicalmeasures included in the package that should help to minimise thedamaging effects of industrial action".

Mr Sturrock said, "Under current arrangements some elements of theautomotive industry supply-chain are particularly vulnerable todisruption in the event of industrial action. Given the nature ofthe industry, a disruption to supply at one point can quickly flowthrough to other firms in the manufacturing process".

"Such disruptions can have a dire effect on vehicle manufacturers andtheir employees. In the worst cases, the industry has lostvaluable production and employees have been stood down. Clearly,that is a situation we all want to avoid and we hope that these changeswill assist in that objective", he said.

Mr Sturrock concluded by saying, "The industry welcomes thisannouncement and will work cooperatively with the Government and withemployees to ensure that the full benefits of these reforms arerealised".

Peter Sturrock
Chief Executive