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Proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard Must Consider Needs of Consumers

Australia’s automotive peak industry body is encouraging the Federal Government to ensure the affordability and mobility needs of consumers are considered throughout the consultation period for a proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) released this morning.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber has welcomed the release of the Government’s consultation paper saying the automotive industry has been seeking a fuel efficiency standard for many years.

“There is a shared commitment from industry and Government to combat climate change by ensuring zero and low-emission vehicles are accessible and affordable to all Australian consumers.

“Most important is that Australian families and businesses can continue to access the style of vehicle that suits their needs for work and recreation.”

Referring specifically to the three options delivered by the Government this morning

Mr Weber said the industry would take time to study the potential impacts on consumers and the industry.

“On the surface, the targets seeking a 60 per cent improvement in emissions are very ambitious, and it will be a challenge to see if they are achievable taking into account the total cost of ownership.

“The preferred option suggests that Australia considers adopting the type of targets that are currently in place in the United States. The targets in that country are supported by significant financial incentives yet the discussion paper makes no reference to any additional incentives to support the uptake of low emission vehicles,” he said.

“There is a great deal of further analysis to do and we look forward to continuing to work with the Government on the development of a standard that is right for Australia and supports Australian consumers.”