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Car makers welcome electric car discount

 The FCAI, the peak body for Australia’s automotive industry has today welcomed the passing of the Treasury Laws Amendment (Electric Car Discount Bill) through the Federal Parliament. 

The Bill removes import tariffs for zero and low emission vehicles which are beneath the Luxury Car Tax Threshold ($84,916), and makes these vehicles exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax. 

Chief Executive Tony Weber said that financial incentives such as these are an important part of the policy framework that will be required to increase the uptake of zero and low emission vehicles in Australia. 

“Car makers support financial incentives as part of a wider range of policy measures," Mr Weber said.

"This is an important step that complements the Government’s plan to develop an electric vehicle strategy and the current review into fuel quality. Ideally the new year will see action in the area of a Federally mandated emissions target for the light vehicle sector.

“This is a positive move, but more action is required. We look forward to engaging with Government to achieve strong, practical, and challenging policy settings which will support Australia’s goal of decarbonizing the light vehicle fleet.”