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FCAI welcomes Western Australia’s Electric Vehicle package

 The FCAI, the peak body for the automotive industry in Australia, has welcomed Western Australia’s announcement of $60 million in funding to support the uptake of electric vehicles. 

The package includes funding for charging infrastructure and the introduction of a Road User Charge for zero and low emission vehicles. “The McGowan Government’s commitment of $22.6 million to expand charging infrastructure is a proactive step towards preparing for the future electrification of our road network,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said. 

“The inclusion of 10,000 rebates of $3,500 for Western Australians who purchase a new electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is positive for automotive manufacturers and Western Australians alike. 

“These rebates are going to help make owning an electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle possible for more Western Australian road users. It sends a positive signal for car manufacturers and motorists that electrification will be a key element in Australia’s transport future,” Mr Weber added. 

Mr Weber said the introduction of a Road User Charge from 2027 for zero and low emission vehicles is consistent with tax reform undertaken by other jurisdictions. 

“However, the FCAI maintains that all taxes and charges related to motor vehicles should be replaced with one road user charge which can apply to any type of vehicle powertrain,” Mr Weber said.