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FCAI acknowledges vehicle direction in ALP Powering Australia Plan

The direction for electric vehicle support and vehicle emissions outlined in the ALP Powering Australia plan released today supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia has been acknowledged as a step forward in the policy discussion around lowering vehicle emissions according to Australia’s peak automotive body, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. 

“Following a statement of intent in these areas in March this year, it is pleasing the ALP is continuing to generate meaningful discussion about increasing the number of low emission vehicles on our roads and the subsequent improvement to our national environmental performance, customer choice and communities through this technology,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said. 

“Australia is lagging the rest of the world when it comes to a long-term vision for the continued penetration of low emission vehicles. The automotive sector has seen around the world that strong signals around targets, good infrastructure policy and incentives from national governments contribute to positive outcomes on low emission vehicle introduction. 

“Signals like this can encourage global car brands to increase the choice of low emission vehicles available in our market which in turn increases the adoption of electrified vehicles available to customers. However, a CO2 vehicle emissions standard would send a stronger signal. 

“The issue of emissions also remains critical for the issue, and we are keen to ensure future Federal Governments maintain a focus on improving fuel quality and a progression towards Euro 6 emissions standards. 

“We will be pleased to work alongside any government in their efforts to introduce positive policy directions for the increase of the best technology vehicles that are available to Australians.”