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FCAI Praises NSW Government Electric Vehicle Package

The passing of the electric vehicle legislation by the NSW Government yesterday represents a significant step in supporting the future uptake of low emissions vehicles in NSW according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

Chief Executive of the FCAI Tony Weber said the Legislation would deliver reform in critical infrastructure investment, financial and non-financial reforms and direct purchase incentives that would encourage the purchase of EVs.

“Capital investment in a comprehensive electric vehicle charging network in metropolitan and regional areas is precisely the kind of tangible and practical policy setting that will increase the confidence of EV drivers across the State,” Mr Weber said.

“The accompanying reforms, including the elimination of stamp duty on EVs together with non-financial benefits of access to transit lanes for EV drivers, are also consistent with best practices from Governments across the world.

“The direct consumer incentives also provide a boost to the market.  We look forward to seeing the full details of how consumers can access these grants along with stamp duty relief which we note will be available prior to 1 November.”

New buyers will potentially pay no net tax to the NSW Government until 2035 under this generous package.  This provides a real incentive to purchase an EV and provides the stimulus for the market to transition to a low emissions future.

Mr Weber said the NSW Government was setting a high standard for other Governments to follow with the passing of this legislation and the release of the NSW Hydrogen Strategy last week.

The FCAI and its members look forward to continuing to work alongside Premier Perrottet and the NSW Government as well as other Governments across the country to ensure a nationally consistent approach to the significant on-going reform to the future of mobility.