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FCAI acknowledges the Grattan’s zero-emissions push

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber has today acknowledged the release of the Grattan Institute’s ‘Towards Net Zero: Practical policies to reduce transport emissions’ report, saying that reform of our tax system and a pathway to net zero align with long held FCAI positions.

“This report highlights key changes which can be made to increase the take up of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles, and lower Australia’s emissions more broadly.

“Many of the policy directions outlined in the report align with policies FCAI has maintained for years, including a reduction in car import charges and the scrapping of the luxury car tax.

“Tax reform would reduce the cost of electric vehicles in Australia.”

Mr Weber added that the reduction of CO2 emissions remained a focus area for the Australian automotive sector.

“The automotive industry has released its own Emission Standards and reporting system, which sets out industry and brand CO2 reduction targets. Our aim is to reduce emissions by more than 50 per cent by 2030.”

However, the FCAI CEO expressed caution against the reports call to phase out sales of all new petrol and diesel powered cars by 2035. “This approach does not recognise the significant differences in market preferences across Australia, which is unique among the global markets. Governments should pick targets, not technologies. Decisions around technology should be left to the experts- the vehicle makers.

The aim should be to reduce CO2 rather than give preference to one technology over another.”