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Car manufacturers race to complete recall

Car manufacturers are continuing to reach out to tardy vehicle owners as they work strenuously to complete a major recall of vehicles fitted with faulty Takata airbags.

 Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive Tony Weber said it was critical all vehicle owners check the recall status of their vehicles and if necessary, urgently arrange to have faulty airbags replaced.

 “There are many vehicle owners who haven’t responded to multiple requests from manufacturers to have their vehicles rectified. We need these owners to bring their vehicles in immediately and have the faulty airbags replaced,” Mr Weber said.

“We are dealing with an issue that could cause serious injury or death to vehicle occupants, and owners must understand that the danger is very real.” 

“In addition, owners must understand their vehicles may incur registration sanctions if faulty airbags are not replaced. This means it will be illegal to drive the vehicle on a public road. Vehicle owners may also be unable to complete the sale of affected vehicles,” Mr Weber said.

“Finally, it’s important to note that owners don’t need to worry about the cost of rectification - all repair work is absolutely free.

“So there is absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by checking your vehicle and, if it does have a faulty airbag, having the manufacturer rectify it.”  

A faulty Takata airbag can kill or seriously injure vehicle occupants regardless of whether they are the driver or passenger. If a faulty airbag deploys, shrapnel can be sprayed throughout a vehicle’s cabin with disastrous results.

“Our brands have dedicated significant resources to undertake this recall.  More than 3.7 million faulty airbags have been replaced in 2.7 million vehicles,” Mr Weber said.

“It is imperative we complete the task to ensure the safety of vehicle drivers and occupants. We plead with vehicle owners to bring their affected vehicles in for rectification in the few weeks remaining.” 

Owners can check the recall status of their vehicles by using the industry’s Takata airbag recall website or by texting TAKATA to 0487 AIRBAG (247 224). Unregistered vehicles can also be checked by contacting the relevant brand directly.