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FCAI: Victorian Government trying to ‘kill’ EV use

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has condemned the announcement by the Victorian State Government that it intends to initiate a road user charge on electric vehicles (EVs) from 1st July 2021. 

Tony Weber, chief executive of the FCAI, made the following comments.

“Once again, we have a state government in Australia trying to destroy the path to a greener and cleaner motor vehicle fleet for this and future generations,” Mr Weber said.

“Don’t worry about health outcomes, don’t concern yourself about the environment -  short-term revenue collection comes first. 

“Other countries bend over backwards to increase the use of EVs and other low emission vehicles, because they recognise the benefits. 

“Australian state governments want to kill the technology at its infancy.  Is this because some states want to substitute the Commonwealth excise tax with their own tax?  Are motorists being caught in a petty game in which the states want to establish a new revenue base at the expense of the Commonwealth?

 “The FCAI recognises that the decline in excise, the taxation of motorists and their vehicles, is a long-term issue that needs to be addressed.  We also understand that road user charging may play a role in Australia’s future tax regime. 

“However, such a transition needs to be undertaken in a holistic and nationwide manner, recognising the importance of EVs and other low emission vehicles.  Let’s not kill EVs in their infancy,” Mr Weber said.