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FCAI urges Western Australian motorcyclists to ‘get on their bikes’

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) is calling on lapsed motorcycle and scooter riders in Western Australia to reconnect with their two-wheeled passion and ‘get on their bikes.’

According to Rhys Griffiths, motorcycle manager for the FCAI, it’s time for motorcyclists to remember the enjoyment and functional benefits that drew them to two-wheels in the first place.

“Statistics indicate 96[1] per cent of licensed riders in the state are currently enjoying their right to ride. That’s the highest level of active riders of any state in the country, but it’s still not 100 per cent.

“In Western Australia there are approximately 132,000 licensed riders and 127,900 registered two-wheeler vehicles.  This means that four per cent of license holders do not have a currently registered motorcycle or scooter – and that’s a crying shame,” Mr Griffiths said.

 The benefits of riding are significant. In addition to the freedom and fun of the ride, two-wheeled commuters nimbly negotiate traffic, park with ease, and save money on transportation.

Motorcycle and scooter riders can also mitigate COVID-19 risks posed by public or taxi transport methods without adding to traffic congestion, with two-wheeled transportation offering an effective means of maintaining social distance. 

Mr Griffiths urged licensed riders to re-connect with their inner two-wheeler.

“What drew you to learn to ride in the first place? Was it the quick commute? Skipping through long queues of traffic? The easy parking? That indescribable feeling of freedom when riding?” he asked.

“To the riders already on your motorbikes, it starts with you. Make it your mission to get your friends and family without bikes to get back out there. Remind them of the passion they’ve forgotten and get riding!” 

Motorcycle dealers representing all brands across Australia are open for servicing and sales.

In Western Australia, aspiring riders can find a training centre near them at

Riders are reminded to strictly observe all social distancing and contagion control requirements, and to regularly disinfect helmets, gloves and any high-touch surfaces on vehicle controls.

The industry initiative, Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week, offers a DIY guide to ensuring your motorcycle is ready for the road at  

[1] FCAI figures calculated with Australian Bureau of Statistics data