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ATV industry questions the ability of the Government’s new safety standard to actually save lives.

Australian all-terrain vehicle (ATV) manufacturers today responded to the Australian Government’s announcement that roll-over ‘protection’ devices must now be fitted to all-terrain vehicles sold in Australia.

The group, which includes five of the main ATV manufacturers, was unanimous in its criticism of the Government’s ruling for the following reasons:

  • University of NSW research showing that quad bikes fitted with the most popular brand of roll over device were involved in a statistically significant increase in the risk of serious injury to the rider.
  • The same survey study showed that there was no overall injury benefit in a roll over when a roll-over protection device was fitted.
  • These devices are unsophisticated secondary accessories, designed as a one-size-fits-all, and crudely bolted on after sale.
  • There is no way of knowing how they will behave in a crash situation.
  • They have huge potential to cause further injury or even death to vehicle riders.

There is an unresolved question regarding the legal obligations pursuant to the fitment of such a device. Who will be responsible should a fatality or injury be attributable to the untested device?  The device manufacturer? The ATV manufacturer? The fitting agent? The Government for legislating their fitment?

The manufacturers, represented by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), have long recommended the following known safety practices to assist workplaces to improve ATV safety outcomes…

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