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Holiday Travellers Urged to Ask Takata Questions

Car manufacturers want holiday travellers to make sure they check whether the family vehicle is affected by the Takata airbag recall.

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive, Tony Weber, says thousands of Australians are now taking to the roads because of school and Easter holidays.

“Holiday travel can be a great time of family togetherness, and we want to ensure that it is also a safe and happy experience for everyone.

“Before you depart on the family holiday, it’s imperative that you check whether your vehicle is affected by the Takata airbag recall,” Weber said.

“A faulty airbag can seriously injure and even kill. It can pose a serious danger to vehicle passengers as well as drivers – and this includes children, regardless of whether they’re sitting in the front or back of a vehicle.”

Globally, there have been 26 reported deaths and more than 300 reported injuries attributed to the faulty Takata airbags.

Weber urged people to check the recall status of their family vehicles by using the automotive industry’s Takata airbag recall website and taking prompt action to rectify any affected vehicles.

“It is a simple process – just go to the website and enter your vehicle’s registration number and state or territory. You can also check a vehicle’s status by texting TAKATA to 0487 AIRBAG (247 224).

“We understand vehicle owners are busy people, but we are dealing with a major public safety issue which can cause serious injury or even death to family members,” Weber said.

“No vehicle is too old to check and all necessary rectification work is free.”

Australian vehicle owners have identified more than 1.13 million vehicles affected by the recall since the industry website was launched in July 2018.

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