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Industry Applauds SA Government Decision on ‘Alpha’ Airbags; Urges All States and Territories to Follow Suit

The bold decision by the South Australian government to refuse registration to owners whose vehicles are fitted with dangerous “alpha” type Takata airbags should be adopted right across the country, says Australia’s peak motor industry body.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries said the SA Government has shown courage and leadership in this important issue. It is seen by the FCAI as a decision in the strong interest of South Australian motorists’ safety.

The Chief Executive of the FCAI, Tony Weber, said that the industry had been working with agencies of the Federal Government for three years on having a national and unified approach to this recall, and more recently had written to all state and territory leaders seeking their assistance.

“The South Australian Government has responded admirably, and we applaud the Marshall government’s courage to take the lead on this issue,” Mr Weber said.

“The Takata airbag recall is a global consumer safety issue and the industry has been doing its absolute utmost to raise awareness across Australia, urging people to take action and check whether their vehicles’ airbags are affected.

“But we can only do so much, and state and territory governments have a significant role to play. We know that elsewhere, such as in Japan, there has been a similar tough response through refusing vehicle registration to affected vehicles.

“What is needed now is for all other state and territories to immediately follow the SA example.

“These “alpha” type Takata airbags are the most dangerous of the affected airbags, and preventing people from simply re-registering these vehicles reduces the risk enormously.”

The SA Government’s decision on alpha airbags has been fully supported by the Royal Australian Auto (RAA) Club of South Australia.

In a statement, RAA spokesman Mark Borlace said owners of cars with “alpha” airbags were urged not to be complacent and seek an immediate replacement.

The FCAI urged motorists to follow up and act on the information available via the website, or the Facebook page (IsMyAirBagSafe).

Car owners can simply enter their plate and state into the website’s online tool and receive an immediate response about their airbag status.