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Campaign Shows a Cpd Is Not the Answer

In an overturn incident, Crush Protection Devices (CPDs) fitted to All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) can cause as many injuries as they may prevent.

That’s the key message behind a new educational video released today (September 8) by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) on its ATV safety website (

Australia’s major ATV distributors have joined forces for the rider safety campaign which outlines the potential dangers of fitting a CPD, but also emphasises the known safety measures that can improve ATV rider safety.

The FCAI’s 5-Star ATV Safety campaign focuses on these key measures:

  • Choose a vehicle which is fit for purpose – for the task and for the rider;
  • Always wear a helmet;
  • Undertake rider training to understand an ATV‘s features and its limitations;
  • Don’t put passengers on single seat ATVs and don’t allow children under 16 to ride adult ATVs; and
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidance and warnings.

The Chief Executive of the FCAI, Tony Weber, said that a common sense approach based on known safety measures is needed to improve ATV safety, not the unproven recommendation to fit a CPD.

“The educational video material on our website demonstrates how a CPD could harm a rider during an ATV rollover. In the incident in which a CPD is not fitted, the rider can separate from the machine. When a CPD is fitted, the rider does not separate and becomes trapped by the machine,” Mr Weber said.

“All the best and most reputable evidence shows that CPDs are not the answer.

“Three of the most significant influencers to ATV safety are the simple acts of wearing a helmet, being trained to actively ride the machine, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations,” Mr Weber added.

He urged all riders to visit for more information.