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The Very Real Dangers of Fake Parts

The results of the Genuine Is Best wheel test speak for themselves — fake parts can be dangerous.

Of course, genuine parts aren’t just limited to wheels. From the windscreen and bonnet to the oil filter and brakes, every genuine part on a car or motorcycle has a role to play and they all work together to ensure that your vehicle functions, drives and protects just as the vehicle maker intended.

Car makers conduct thousands of hours of testing when developing a vehicle to be certain each genuine part operates safely and reliably.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive and Genuine Is Best spokesperson Tony Weber said if motorists ever intend to replace a part on their car or motorcycle it should be with a genuine part to be sure their vehicle continues to operate properly.

“A genuine part is made or selected by the vehicle maker and is tested as an integral component of the vehicle,” Mr Weber said.

“Fake parts can’t necessarily promise this level of quality and safety.”

Mr Weber said consumers should be reminded that the easiest way to tell if a part is genuine is to purchase it through the vehicle manufacturer’s authorised supply chain.

“I think we’ve proven very well what can happen when buying a part outside the authorised supply chain — not only can it be a waste of your money, but it could put you and those around you at risk,” he said.

Mr Weber said the danger of fake parts still exists long after the car is sold.

“It can be very difficult for the buyer of a second-hand car to tell if it has fake parts – until something goes wrong. Take the imitation wheels for example; if a car was sold fitted with these fake wheels the new owner would never know they were fake and dangerous.”