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Repair Concerns as Long Weekend Sees More Than 6000 Vehicles in Crashes

Australia’s automotive industry has alerted motorists about the potential for sub-standard repairs and the use of non-genuine parts after it was revealed more than 6000 vehicles were involved in accidents over the recent Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Data supplied by insurance companies estimates that 6090 vehicles were damaged in crashes on Australian roads from 6-8 June 2015. While the result shows a decrease in the number of claims compared with the same long weekend in 2014 when 8130 vehicles were involved in accidents, there are concerns not all vehicles will be returned to the road in a safe condition.

Genuine Is Best spokesperson, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive Tony Weber, welcomed the fall in the number of accidents, but said the report is a reminder for motorists of the importance of good quality repairs and the use of genuine parts in ensuring that they head back onto the roads in safe vehicles.

“It’s good to see there have been fewer vehicles involved in crashes compared with last year, but there’s still at least 6000 damaged vehicles suddenly in workshops around the country needing repairs,” he said.

“We would expect all to be properly repaired, but the issue is some of these vehicles may be handed back with repairs that might not have been carried out correctly, and with non-genuine parts fitted rather than genuine parts.

“Consumers are entitled to good quality repairs that restore the safety and structural integrity of their cars.

“A genuine part has been made or selected by the vehicle’s maker and tested by that maker as an integral component of your vehicle to ensure quality and safety.”

Consumers should also check their insurance policies to see if genuine parts will be used in collision repairs.

The data was compiled by Holden Insurance Services and Toyota Insurance, both of which offer good genuine parts policies.

The Genuine Is Best website provides motorists with information on how to keep their vehicle safe using genuine parts. There’s also advice on what to do after a crash and how to check their car over when it has been repaired.

The website is an initiative of the FCAI.