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Toyota Australia Confirms Genuine Is Best

A Toyota Australia investigation into the supply of counterfeit brake pads purporting to be genuine, factory-certified parts has resulted in a locally-based online supplier undertaking a recall.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) applauds Toyota’s actions, which reinforces its drive, under the banner of ‘Genuine Is Best’, to educate consumers on the safety, performance and durability benefits of genuine replacement parts.

FCAI chief executive and Genuine Is Best spokesman Tony Weber said: “Not only have these brake pads been falsely advertised as Toyota genuine products, they’ve been found to contain asbestos, a highly toxic material banned from use in brake pads in Australia for over a decade.

“Toyota’s actions confirm the only way motorists can be sure their vehicle drives, functions and protects them in exactly the way its maker intended is to use genuine parts,” he said.

Between June 2013 and October 2015, the counterfeit pads were sold by an external supplier as suitable parts for Toyota HiLux and HiAce light commercial models.

Toyota Australia confirmed the same supplier is selling other counterfeit parts, including spiral cables (a critical connection between a vehicle’s electrical systems and its airbags), water pumps and wheel bearings.

This incident helps illustrate the scale of the counterfeit parts issue, and consumers wanting to know more should visit Developed by the FCAI, Australia’s peak body representing vehicle manufacturers and importers, the site contains important information to help consumers keep their vehicle safe through the use of genuine parts in collision and mechanical repairs, as well as regular maintenance services.