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FCAI Welcomes New Helmet Laws for ATV Users

Helmets help keep ATV users safer when riding. The FCAI is pleased that the QLD Government has recognised this by mandating the use of helmets for all ATV riders on public roads, from November 1.

ATVs are useful pieces of farm equipment that, when used appropriately, help farmers carry out their day-to-day work. The FCAI has long advocated for ATV users to follow known safety practices, including the use of helmets. 

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said that while ATVs are not designed for asphalt surfaces, the FCAI understands farmers need to cross public roads from time to time.

“In addition to new laws mandating helmet use on public roads, we note that ATV manufacturers advise riders to always wear a helmet while using their products. In Australia, there are also requirements for riders to wear a helmet when operating an ATV in any workplace,” Mr Weber said.

The National Coronial Information Database lists head injuries as the most common primary medical cause of death for quad bike related fatalities (33 per cent). The alarming fact behind these fatalities, is that 84 per cent of these deceased persons were not wearing a helmet.

“Our message is clear, protect your head!” Mr Weber said.

The FCAI congratulates the QLD Government for acting quickly on recommendations from the QLD Coroner’s Inquest into ATV Safety, by implementing this new law on helmet use.

The FCAI previously welcomed the QLD Coroner’s recommendations in a media release on 27 August 2015. The FCAI looks forward to working with the QLD Government to address other recommendations from the QLD Coroner’s report, including those relating to training and keeping children off adult-sized ATVs.