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Driverless Vehicles Coming Soon to Adelaide

Driverless vehicles are no longer just a pipe dream, they’re developing at a rapid pace and could be on our roads sooner than you think.

In Adelaide, the South Australian Government is making plans to hold a conference to discuss driverless vehicle technology and regulation. And they have also gone a step further by announcing that the Australian driverless vehicle initiative will see driverless vehicles tested on Adelaide roads.

Congratulating the South Australian Government on their driverless vehicle initiatives, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said driverless cars and connected vehicles have the potential to deliver significant safety and environmental benefits to Australia, and motorists will benefit from reduced congestion in our major cities.

“FCAI members are currently introducing vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems into Australia, as part of the progression to true driverless cars,” Mr Weber said.

“The car brands are investing significantly in these technology advances so that in the future cars will be safer and more environmentally friendly. The development of connected cars will also help reduce congestion on our roads and make the daily commute an easier experience.

“To effectively introduce driverless vehicles into Australia, it is vital that governments and industry work together to ensure that the infrastructure and systems that support the vehicle are set up and maintained.

“I encourage governments around the country to take a lead from the great work of the South Australian Government, who are taking important steps to facilitate the introduction of autonomous vehicle technology and infrastructure into Australia.”

My Weber said the FCAI has begun talks with the Australian Government to help identify and put in place the necessary federal legislation that will facilitate the introduction of driverless vehicles. “We look forward to continuing these discussions to ensure a positive and effective result for Australians,” he said.

“The FCAI will continue to engage with the South Australian Government on their important driverless vehicle initiatives and we look forward to seeing the developments and results in due course.”