Australian motorists have a new resource at their fingertips with the website launching today. The website provides consumers with important information about keeping their vehicle safe through the use of genuine parts in collision and general repairs, and services.

The Genuine Is Best website is an initiative of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries - the peak body representing Australia's vehicle manufacturers and importers. The website will ensure consumers know what genuine parts are, how to get them and the importance of good quality repairs.

The website also features six steps to staying genuine, instant expert repair inspection tips and the essential crash survival guide.

Genuine Is Best spokesperson FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the Genuine Is Best website provides consumers with crucial advice on why genuine parts should always be used.

"The Genuine Is Best website equips Australians with the information they need to help ensure they have genuine parts fitted to their car so that it drives, functions and protects them exactly the way it was intended to by the car maker," he said.

"Keeping your car safe and reliable begins with knowing what a genuine part is - a genuine part is new and comes approved or recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

"A genuine part is made or selected by the vehicle maker and is tested as an integral component of the vehicle to ensure quality and safety. Non-genuine parts can't necessarily promise this quality and safety."


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