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Automotive Transformation Scheme

The FCAI welcomes the Australian Government’s announcement, through the 2015–16 Budget, that there is no policy change to the Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS).

This follows Minister Ian Macfarlane’s announcement, in March 2015, that the Government is committed to maintain the ATS in its original form as legislated.

“This commitment provides Australia's automotive manufacturing companies with the certainty they need to help transition their operations,” Mr Weber said.

"This is particularly important for the small and medium sized business in the automotive manufacturing supply chain, who have already factored ATS funding into their long-term business and investment decision-making processes.”

Mr Weber said the announcement was good news for the Victorian and South Australian economies, and the 45,000 workers directly employed, and the more than 100,000 workers indirectly employed in the automotive manufacturing sector, around Australia.

Looking beyond 2017, Mr Weber said it is important the Government and Australians recognise that Australia will continue to play a key role in the global automotive industry long after manufacturing ceases.

“Holden and Ford have committed to continue their significant automotive research and product development operations in Australia beyond 2017, employing thousands of professional engineers and designers that will ensure the retention of vital technical skills for the future. Nissan Australia also has a strong future as the source of intricate alloy castings for use in a number of its global products,” Mr Weber said.