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FCAI Participates in Post-2020 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target Consultations

The Australian automotive industry is committed to making a strong contribution to national efforts designed to reduce the impact of climate change.

Over the past decade, CO2 emissions from new light vehicles have decreased by 22 per cent.

With the increasing commitment by manufacturers to develop new technologies to reduce emission means we can expect to continue improvements into the future, any Government policy decisions in this area must be based on a sound understanding of the automotive industry and a whole-of-Government approach.

Attending the Australian Government’s post-2020 greenhouse gas emissions target consultations in Melbourne yesterday, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said he was pleased the Government is consulting with industry and other key stakeholder to ensure any target is achievable and takes into account the facts.

“To make a real and significant improvement in CO2 emissions from private transport, a whole-of-Government approach is needed,” Mr Weber said.

“Environmental Policy for light vehicles must take into account a range of matters, including vehicle technology, alternative fuels and energy platforms, driver behaviour, infrastructure improvements to reduce congestion, CO2 taxation and the need to reduce the age of the in-service fleet.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Government to facilitate a complete and considered discussion of this complex issue.”