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Off-Road Motorcycles a Popular Choice in 2015

Australians showed their love for off-road motorcycling in the first quarter of 2015, with sales of off-road motorcycles up 2 per cent on first quarter 2015 figures.

The 7,715 off-road bike sales represented just over 31 per cent of the total motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and scooter market, which totalled 24,505 between January and March 2015. The 24,505 sales are 1.2 per cent less than the sales recorded between January and March 2014. 

Releasing the first quarter motorcycle sales figures, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said Honda was the leading volume manufacturer with 5,861 units sold. Honda’s market share has risen from 19.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2014 to 23.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2015. Honda was followed by Yamaha with 4,298 units, Kawasaki with 2,771 units and Suzuki with 2,325.

“Honda led the volume race in the off-road motorcycle market, selling 28.8 per cent of the total sold. Honda was followed by Yamaha with 25.5 per cent sales. KTM was third, selling 15.8 per cent” Mr Weber said.

“Looking at the road motorcycle market, Honda was again the leading brand, selling 20.4 per cent of the 11,066 road motorcycles sold between January and March 2015. Harley-Davidson was close behind in second place, selling 19.6 per cent. Harley-Davidson was followed by Kawasaki with 14.4 per cent and Yamaha with 13.3 per cent.

“The 11,066 road motorcycle sales represents a 2.3 per cent decline on first quarter 2014 sales figures.

“ATV sales were also down slightly, with 3.5 per cent less ATVs sold between January and March 2015, than in the same period in 2014.

“Honda was also the largest selling manufacturer in the ATV segment, selling 26.8 per cent of the total ATV sales. Polaris was in second place, selling 23.2 per cent. Yamaha was third with 17.8 per cent. A total of 4,162 ATVs were sold across all brands.

“In the scooter market, Vespa led the sales race, selling 19 per cent of the total 1,562 units. Honda came in second with 17.4 per cent and Piaggio came in third with 16.9 per cent.

“The popularity of scooters in Australia continues to decline, with first quarter sales down a significant 35.1 per cent compared to first quarter 2014 figures.”


Note: The 2015 motorcycle sales figures do not include CFMoto, TGB or Daelim sales. For comparison purposes, sales figures for these brands have been removed from the 2014 results shown in the summary report and identified in this media release.

The FCAI releases motorcycles sales data quarterly. Previous media releases on the sales results are available at


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