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Carbon Emissions From New Motor Vehicles Continue to Fall

Carbon emissions from new motor vehicles in Australia continue to decrease, with the national average for 2014 falling 2.4 per cent compared to 2013 figures. This decline is highlighted in the National Transport Commission’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions Intensity from New Australian Light Vehicles 2014 information paper, released yesterday.

Welcoming the information paper, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said over the past decade, overall light vehicle emissions have reduced by 22 per cent, which is far in excess of the Government’s target of a 5 per cent reduction in nation-wide emissions by 2020.

“Around the world, vehicle manufacturers are committed to developing and delivering new technologies that reduce CO2 emission in their vehicles,” Mr Weber said. 

“Their commitment to deliver these technologies to the Australian market shows through in the average industry year-on-year reduction of 2.4 per cent. This reduction is significantly greater than the reductions seen in many other sectors of the economy.

“In its information paper, the National Transport Commission has acknowledged that fleet-wide vehicle emissions depend on many factors including consumer preference for vehicle type, engine size and power, fuel type, and transmission, among other things. When looking at comparison figures across countries, it is important to acknowledge that in Australia we have a greater consumer preference for heavier vehicles with larger and more powerful engines, than in other markets, such as the United Kingdom.

“In fact, in Australia, SUVs and Light Commercial Vehicles now account for over 50 per cent of the new car market. This preference has changed from 2005, when passenger cars accounted for 62 per cent of the market.”

The Carbon Dioxide Emissions Intensity from New Australian Light Vehicles 2014 information paper is available on the National Transport Commission’s website

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