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Suvs a Popular Choice in January 2015

Australia’s new car market has had a solid start to the year with new car purchases for January 2015 on par with January 2014 figures. This follows a strong sales year in 2014, with sales being the second highest ever.

Australians bought 82,116 new passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles in January 2015, with the Mazda3 being the most popular vehicle (3,903 Mazda3s were sold). The Mazda3 was followed by the Toyota Corolla (3,472), the Toyota Hilux (2,331), Hyundai i30 (2,092) and Holden Cruze (1,870). 

Releasing the January 2015 VFACTS figures, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the trend towards SUV purchases was showing no sign of slowing down, with total SUV sales up 6.9 per cent on January 2014 figures. Small and medium SUVs showed significant growth, up 17.9 and 9.5 per cent respectively. 

“The continuing popularity of SUVs is a reflection of the versatility of these vehicles. SUVs now represent 33.7 per cent of the market and we expect this trend to continue as we move through 2015,” Tony Weber said. 

Light commercial vehicle sales were consistent with January 2014 figures (-0.3%), while passenger car sales declined 4.3 per cent. Passenger cars accounted for less than half of the January 2015 new car market (48.5%). Light commercial vehicles accounted for 15.8 per cent.

Tasmania and Victoria’s new car markets had a strong start to the year, with sales up 6.6 and 4.3 per cent on January 2015. Sales in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia remained steady with sales down by 1 per cent or less, compared to January 2015. Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Western Australia all saw falls of around 7 per cent (6.9, 7.2 and 7 per cent, respectively), compared to January 2015 figures.

Business sales appear to have steadied with sales down 0.5 per cent on January 2014 figures. Private sales were also steady, up 0.8 per cent. Government purchases were down 4.4 per cent. These three buyer types increasingly chose SUVs, with private buyers purchasing 5 per cent more SUVs than in January 2014, business buyers purchasing 9.9 more and government buyers purchasing 11.3 per more.

Toyota was the top selling brand in January 2014 with 16.6 per cent of the market. Toyota was followed by Mazda with 11 per cent, Holden with 10.2 per cent, Hyundai with 8.4 per cent and Ford with 6.5 per cent.

Key Points:

  • The January 2015 market of 82,116 new vehicle sales is a decrease of 169 vehicle sales or -0.2% on January 2014 (82,285 vehicle sales). January 2015 (25.0) had the same amount of selling days as January 2014 (25.0) and this resulted in a decrease of 6.8 vehicle sales per day.
  • The January 2015 industry volume is down 14,693 or -15.2% on December 2014 (96,809 vehicles).
  • The Passenger Vehicle Market is down 1805 vehicle sales (-4.3%) over the same month last year; the Sports Utility Market is up by 1,789 vehicle sales (6.9%); the Light Commercial Market is down by 33 vehicle sales (-0.3%); and the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market is down by 120 vehicle sales (-0.3%) versus January 2014.
  • Toyota was market leader in January, followed by Mazda and Holden. Toyota leads Mazda with a margin of 4,655 vehicle sales, or 5.6 market share points.

Source: VFACTS

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