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Industry Agreement to Help Car Owners Be Better Informed

The FCAI and AADA continue to show their commitment to consumers and the Government following the 2012 Treasury review of access to service and repair information, through the signing of an industry principles agreement. 

Signing the agreement, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber and AADA Chairman Ian Field said Australian consumers would benefit from new conditions that will ensure they are better informed about their vehicle repair. This includes being informed if non-genuine parts are used to service and repair their vehicles. 

“Service and repair information provided by car manufacturers is designed around the use of genuine parts. It is important that if non-genuine parts are used the consumer is made aware of any risks that may arise,” Mr Weber said.

"This agreement reflects the findings that access to service and repair information is available to independent operators and maintains competition in the aftermarket. A consumer is now given an informed choice about the use of a non-genuine part, which may not be compatible with a complex modern motor vehicle," Mr Field said.

The agreement follows the Treasury review, which found that there is no evidence of consumer detriment relating to access to service and repair information in the automotive industry, but which recommended an industry agreement be developed to ensure current access to service and repair information continues as motor vehicles become more complex. 

The agreement will be underpinned by codes of practice specific to each signing organisation and their members. The FCAI Code was released in September 2014. This Code represents a minimum standard for the provision of service and repair information to independent repairers, by car manufacturers selling vehicles in Australia.

Welcoming the signing of the agreement by the AAA, AAAA, AMIF, AADA and FCAI, Mr Weber and Mr Field said all Australians deserved to have their vehicle serviced and repaired to a professional standard, which maintains the original integrity of the vehicle. “This is why the FCAI and AADA continue to work with the independent service and repair industry to ensure the safety of all Australian road users,” they said. 

For more information, contact:

Sheena Ireland, Communications Manager
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
02 6229 8221 / 0458 038 555 

Michael Deed, Policy Director
Australian Automotive Dealer Association
07 3237 8711 / 0417 742 956