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FCAI Opposes Automotive Transformation Scheme Cuts

Reducing the Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS) will have serious consequences for the 45,000 workers directly employed, and the more than 100,000 workers indirectly employed in the automotive sector, around Australia.

Calling on the Parliament to reject the ATS Amendment Bill introduced in the House of Representatives today, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said it was important the Government realised the impact any cut to the Scheme would have on the Australian automotive supply chain, who have already factored ATS funding into their long-term business plans.

“If the Amendment Bill passes Parliament, it will reduce the Automotive Transformation Scheme by $900 million and intensify the financial pressure on the automotive supply chain, at a time when they are trying to transition their operations into new business area,” Mr Weber said.

The Government announced, in the Budget, a $500 million cut to the ATS in 2015–17 and the total abolition of the ATS program from the end of 2017. This results in total cut of $900 million.

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