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ATV safety

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) encourages all-terrain vehicle (ATV) users to follow known safety practices including the use of a helmet, not riding an adult-sized ATV if they are under 16, not carrying more than the approved number of passengers, not using the ATV on terrain or in applications for which it is not suited, and not using an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“Users should also undertake training, read the owner’s manual and watch the safety video provided with the ATV,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said. 

The FCAI has on numerous occasions called for the responsible use of ATVs, noting calls for roll-over protection structures or crush protection devices to be fitted to ATVs is not the solution.

“Major ATV manufacturers have considered the issue of fitting roll bars, CPDs and ROPS to ATVS. The best available research in the world has shown that when fitted to ATVs, roll bars, CPDs and ROPS can cause more injuries than they prevent,” Mr Weber said.

“Unfortunately, while the focus remains on rollover devices, real solutions will continue to be ignored. Attention should instead be maintained on responsible ATV use, wearing helmets and training. I encourage ATV users to visit the ATV safety website to find out about the training available and see simple safety tips that should always be followed.”

The ATV safety website is at

The FCAI notes the ATV industry is currently involved in a University of New South Wales research project investigating the crash worthiness of ATVs and has offered the loan of a state of the art, motor-cycle specific, injury monitoring crash test dummy to assist the research group in ensuring that crashworthiness results are directly related to rider injury outcomes.

“This research program needs to be robust so that the knowledge frontier can be moved forward in respect to ATV use,” Mr Weber said.

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