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Motorcycle sales Remain Solid in the First Quarter

Official figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) show that 25,848 new motorcycles, ATVs and Scooters were sold in Australia during the first three months of 2013. This is a slight decrease of 0.3 per cent (71 units) over the same period in 2012. 

Both the Road motorcycle and Off-road motorcycle segments showed good growth of 7.6 and 7.3 per cent respectively. Road motorcycles continued to sell more than Off-road with 10,840 road bikes finding new owners as compared to 8,074 Off-road motorcycles for the quarter. 

ATV sales decreased by 18.7 per cent (to 4,343 units) compared with 2012 while Scooters also decreased. There were 2,586 new scooters sold in the first three months of 2013, compared to 2,953 in the same period last year. 

In the Road motorcycle segment Kawasaki led the volume race with 2,156 units sold (an increase of 87%), however they were closely followed by Harley-Davidson with 2,048 sales and Honda coming in third place with 1,868 units sold. Other brands to show growth in the segment were Yamaha with 8.9 per cent increase and Victory with 21.6 per cent increase in sales, compared with the same period in 2012. 

Honda was the leading volume Off-Road producer for the first three months of 2013 with 2,018 units sold (an increase of 40.3 per cent for the quarter) with Yamaha following closely on 1,921 sales. Suzuki sales of off-road motorcycles were also strong in the first quarter, selling 1,428 units, an increase of 30.2 per cent in comparison to their first quarter for 2012. 

Honda again lead the sales of ATVs with 1,227 units sold, followed by Polaris and Yamaha. 

While scooter sales softened overall, Piaggio sales again increased slightly to 452 (up 7.6%) to be the leading brand for the quarter. Honda was the second biggest seller of scooters with 282, and then several brands were slightly below that mark, including Kymco (252 units) and Vespa (233 units). 

In the total sales stakes across all segments, Honda was the leading volume manufacturer for the first quarter of 2013 with 5,395 units sold, followed by Yamaha with 3,746 units, Kawasaki with 3,228 units and Suzuki with 2,969. 


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