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Only Part of the Problem Addressed With Welcome Ban of Children on ATVs

The peak body for the major ATV importers, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), welcomes Minister Bill Shorten’s initiative to ban children from using adult sized ATVs.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said “An Adult sized ATV is not a toy and children under 16 shouldn’t be using them. These vehicles have warning labels permanently affixed to ensure users are aware of this fact (see below), yet we still see owners ignoring these warnings and allowing children to use these vehicles which are designed for use by competent adults.

“We agree with the Minister and responsible farming authorities that this has to stop. Our advice is to never allow children to use adult ATVs and to remove the key to prevent unauthorised use.

The FCAI does not however agree that proposed crush protection devices will make ATVs safer. “The best research in the world, done with injury monitoring crash test dummies, rollover simulation and real world video of ATV rollovers, indicates that for every injury prevented by a CPD at least one more injury will be created by these devices.

“In all good conscience we simply cannot agree to putting CPDs or ROPS on to vehicles which were never designed to have them fitted and could cause the rider injury.

“FCAI and its member companies stress that a combination of measures are needed, not just one or two, to ensure the safety of ATV riders: keep children off adult-sized ATVs, always wear a helmet, don’t overload the ATV or ride it on unsuitable surfaces, have all riders appropriately trained.

“With agriculture being the most dangerous industry in Australia, ATV manufacturers hope the farming community will commit to these safety measures as a way of reducing farm-related workplace deaths.

“The Minister has started to address the inappropriate use by children and we urge him to now start to address the other proven safety interventions.”

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