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FCAI Welcomes Review of Queensland Quad Bike Laws

The manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, also known as quad bikes) welcome the Queensland Government’s move to strengthen safety requirements for the use of ATVs on farms.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), which represents all major importers of ATVs, has consistently supported the mandatory wearing of helmets when operating ATVs, prohibiting children under 16 operating adult quad bikes and the training of ATV operators.

“FCAI will always support moves that are proven to enhance the safety of people using ATVs,” said FCAI Chief Executive Ian Chalmers.

“It is for this reason that many of our members offer training as part of the sale process. For many years dealers have also provided an ATV safety DVD at no cost to customers.”

The FCAI also welcomed the Queensland Government’s proposed evaluation of crush protection devices (CPDs) and roll bars (ROPS) as part of the review. At present none of these devices have an applicable safety standard, and they can cause more injuries than they prevent.

“We do not recommend the fitting of roll bars or crush protection devices to ATVs because of international research which found that all ROPs and CPDs examined at the time posed an unacceptably high risk of creating new injuries. In addition, under some conditions of use or misuse, all ROPs and CPDs examined were found either to be ineffectual overall or to increase the

number and severity of injuries,” said Mr Chalmers

“We also caution against the assumption that ATVs are similar to tractors and that similar safety benefits can be gained from fitting rollover protection devices to ATVs. An ATV is a bike and is designed as a rider-active machine, which is quite different from a tractor. CPDs and ROPS perform differently on ATVs.”

The FCAI, although not consulted by the Queensland Government prior to the release of the draft amendments, will provide a response to the proposed changes and is keen to be involved in future discussions.

“Our overarching aim is to improve safety of quad bike riders with proven interventions, and helmets and training are the two key ways in which deaths and injuries can be reduced,” said Mr Chalmers.

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