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Auto Industry Urges Stamp Duty Relief

FCAI Chief Executive Peter Sturrock has urged the South Australian Government to cut stamp duty on new vehicle purchases in the South Australian state budget to be handed down on 7 June.

Such a move would encourage the uptake of newer vehicles with more advanced safety features and improved environmental performance, resulting in benefits both to motorists and the automotive industry, Mr Sturrock explained.

The Victorian Government recently cut its stamp duty on new car purchases, a measure that will save motorists between $500 and $1,400 on a new car.

The Western Australian Government has also announced a cut in its stamp duty on new car purchases.

The car industry is of vital significance to South Australia.

There is a risk we could see some valuable business opportunities going interstate if the South Australian Government does not act quickly to underpin its competitive standing, he said.

This would be a great way for the South Australian Government to deliver a tangible benefit to the motoring public and to the automotive industry, including vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers based in South Australia.

For further information contact:
Peter Sturrock
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries