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Scooter Riders Must Observe Laws and Common Sense

Chief Executive, Mr Peter SturrockThe Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has thrown its weight behind moves by Gold Coast police to crack down on scooter riders who fail to comply with road rules.

The FCAI, which represents members of the motorcycle industry, including scooter importers and distributors, said that scooter users in holiday areas must ride within the law.

FCAI chief executive Peter Strurrock said that reports of Gold Coast scooter riders running red lights, tailgating and riding four-abreast on busy suburban roads was not only outside the law but also extremely dangerous.

He said it was particularly concerning to hear of scooter riders not wearing helmets.

"Helmets are required by law and riding without one not only risks a fine, it also risks serious head injury and possibly death, even at relatively low speeds."

Police and medical representatives also suggest Gold Coast scooter riders are not wearing protective clothing and as a result are suffering extensive skin loss and other injuries in crashes.

"While protective clothing is not a legal requirement, scooter enthusiasts know it's smart to wear some form of protective jacket, gloves, pants and footwear to guard against loss of skin in the event of a fall," he said.

"There is a good selection of specially designed lightweight protective gear available and the industry urges all scooter riders, even tourists, to wear a helmet and protective clothing."

Mr Sturrock called for a concentrated educational campaign in the Gold Coast area advocating the benefits of protective clothing to scooter riders.

He said the industry would be willing to assist Queensland Transport and the police in running such a campaign and ensuring that scooter hire companies provide appropriate items and advice when hiring scooters to tourists.

The FCAI said that, providing safety precautions and road rules are observed, the rapid growth in the scooter registrations has many community benefits.

"Automatic scooters are easy to ride, simple to park and offer an economical and green means of mobility in densely populated urban areas," Mr Sturrock said.

The FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) is the peak industry body representing the national importers of motorcycles and scooters into Australia. The ASF (Australian Scooter Federation) represents 15 brands of scooters and is a member of the FCAI.

For more information contact:
Ray Newland
FCAI Motorcycle Manager