Guiding Principles for Privacy and Cooperative Intelligent Transport (C-Its) Systems



Data generated by or from motor vehicles can potentially deliver substantial benefits to individual drivers as well as to road users generally. For example, the data can be used to enhance safety, reduce the environmental impacts of vehicles and detect and/or prevent vehicle theft.  The FCAI and its members recognise that consumers need to be confident that the data is being generated, used and stored in an appropriate manner and that privacy is properly protected. The principles set out below have been developed to give consumers this confidence.

Data Generation

Modern vehicles will generate different types of data including:

  1. a) Traffic information: collected by infrastructure owners, aggregated and de-identified data
  2. b) Owner/driver operation information: developed through use of the vehicle and can include data generated by both OEM and 3rd party systems, e.g. fleet management
  3. c) Vehicle Systems Operation: this is data contained within the vehicle management modules and is to meet both legislative and non-legislated requirements. This is the OE intellectual property.


  1. We will be transparent in our treatment or intended treatment of data generated by any of the above methodologies.
  2. Where possible, we will give customers choice in the decision as to whether or not they wish to share data and information generated through owner/driver operation of the vehicle.
  3. We will maintain data security to protect the personal information about our customers.
  4. Where we need to process data generated through the use of the vehicle, it will be done in a manner that is adequate for the intended purpose, is relevant for that purpose, and if it is necessary to consolidate data it will be done so in a manner that de-identifies particular persons.
  5. Where information has been provided to the OEM/Distributor or their agent by the owner or registered user and that information on its own or in combination with other information identifies a person or elicits contact details, we will provide reasonable means to update or correct that information in instances where the information is held within the vehicle’s original equipment.

[1] These principles do not replace nor supercede existing laws, in particular the Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth), nor members’ existing privacy arrangements.