The Australian Government has limited the level of ethanol in petrol in Australia to a maximum of 10 per cent, or E10. While most new and many older vehicle models can operate satisfactorily on ethanol blended petrol it is important that car owners have access to accurate information.

For more information, see the Ethanol page of this website.


In 2007 the Australian Government conducted a review of the management of bio-diesel.  As not all vehicles are compatible with bio-diesel the FCAI advised the amount of bio-diesel added to diesel be limited to a maximum 5 per cent blend (i.e. B5).

For more information, see the Bio-diesel page of this website. 


In 2003 the Australian Government introduced a standard for Autogas for use in light vehicles designed to operate on LPG. The FCAI supported the 2013 update to substantially harmonise with the European Autogas standard, EN 589, and to address the potential operability and emissions performance issues due to Australia’s climatic conditions.

For more information on Autogas, see the Department of the Environment website.