Mission Statement

The FCAI’s mission is:

  1. to represent and advance the interests of the Members and the Australian automotive industry in dealings with all stakeholders, including the Australian Government and the governments of the Australian states and territories;
  2. to promote the development and implementation of effective and well-designed public policy and regulatory outcomes which are of benefit to the Members and the Australian Automotive Industry, including in the following:
    1. vehicle design and safety;
    2. environmental performance;
    3. trade and industry policy;
    4. business and consumer regulation;
    5. taxation, customs and excise; and
    6. transport policy and the provision of key economic infrastructure;
  3. to raise awareness in the general community of the interests of the Australian Automotive Industry and its contribution to the Australian economy; 
  4. to collect and disseminate statistical and other information relating to the Australian Automotive Industry, as is deemed appropriate; and
  5. to do all other things which are incidental or conducive to these objects.