Australia’s new vehicle market

In 2014, the Australian new car market topped 1.1 million for only the third year ever, with Australians buying 1,113,224 new cars.

The close race between last year’s top seller, the Toyota Corolla, and the Mazda3 came to an end with 422 more Australians taking home the Toyota Corolla. A total of 43,735 Toyota Corollas and 43,313 Mazda3s were sold in 2014. Further highlighting the popularity of small cars, the Hyundai i30 also appeared in the top five—it was the nation’s fourth highest selling car. The Toyota Hilux was the third highest selling vehicle and the Holden Commodore was the fifth.

Releasing the 2014 full-year sales results, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said SUV sales continued to boom in 2014, with the vehicle type now accounting for around 32 per cent of the market.

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Australia’s new motorcycle market

Australia’s new motorcycle market ran a solid race in 2014, with total motorcycle, ATV and scooter sales reaching 111,599—only 2.2 per cent lower than 2013 figures.

Road bike sales were strong, increasing 1.5 per cent compared to 2013 and accounting for 39.9 per cent of the total market. Total road bike sales were 44,530. Honda took out top position for sales in this category. Honda’s 9,011 new road bike sales accounted for 22.3 per cent of the total road bike market and also helped Honda become the top selling brand in 2014. Honda sold a total of 24,866 new motorcycles, ATVs and scooters in 2014.

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