Vehicle Sales for November 2014

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Industry agreement to help car owners be better informed

16th December 2014

The FCAI and AADA continue to show their commitment to consumers and the Government following the 2012 Treasury review of access to service and... More…

New car market reaches 1 million in November

3rd December 2014

Over 1 million new cars have been sold in Australia this year, with national sales for November 2014 reaching 92,232. While sales for the year are... More…

FCAI media statement - harmonisation of ADRs with international standards

27th November 2014

The Australian Government is delivering red-tape reduction for Australian businesses through its commitment to bring Australia's vehicle... More…

New cars affordable and built for Australian conditions

7th November 2014

New cars are now more affordable than ever before—and many comparable cars are cheaper in Australia than in other major right-hand drive... More…