Representing the Australian Auto Industry

FCAI welcomes consultation on reducing CO2 emissions in light vehicles

11th February 2016

The Australian light vehicle industry supports a mandated target for new cars which is tailored to the Australian market, taking into consideration consumer choice, consumer driving conditions, market fuel and infrastructure. While the CO2 contribution of annual sales of new passenger cars, SUVs... More…

Consumers sold a dud on personal imports

10th February 2016

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) is extremely disappointed in the Australian Government’s announcement that it will allow personal imports of ‘near-new’ motor vehicles from 2018. “The FCAI has repeatedly called on the Government to carefully consider the... More…

Vehicle Sales for January 2016

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  • ACT 1369
  • NSW 28392
  • NT 626
  • QLD 17193
  • SA 5208
  • TAS 1298
  • VIC 22426
  • WA 7861

Monthly Production Volumes

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