FCAI Submission in response to NSW Parliament Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) is the peak industry organisation representing the importers of passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles in Australia. The FCAI welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the NSW Parliament Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety.

FCAI strongly supports an integrated approach for road safety, involving all factors (road safety management, road infrastructure, road user behaviour, traffic rules' enforcement, and safer vehicles).

FCAI member organisations are at the cutting edge of innovation, according to Boston Consulting Group 2019 “Most Innovative Companies Report”, 6 x automotive vehicle manufacturers are in the Top 50 most innovative companies. Vehicle manufacturers are expending extraordinary amounts of money on research and development to commercialise and introduce the latest technologies with advances that will bring quantum changes to the way in which Australians access and operate motor vehicles from both propulsion and safety aspects.

Australia represents 1.1 million sales out of an estimated global production volume of 95 million vehicles in 2018 or around 1%, it is therefore vital that we harmonise with overseas regulations. Global regulators and vehicle manufacturers are working to create standards and importantly timeframes for development and introduction of vehicle technologies that can significantly improve the safety of all road users including vulnerable users. This harmonisation will allow Australia to benefit from the advances occurring as a result of substantial global research and development into this challenging and most difficult area. This harmonisation will allow Australia to benefit from the economics of technological developments for world markets and not be isolated from receiving these latest advances that continue to advance safety. Additionally,

Australian drivers will continue to enjoy the benefits of considerable competition that occurs through having one of the most open automotive markets in the world. In line with global regulators there are specific timelines for the introduction of these technologies and Australia should align where possible or appropriate.

Read the full submission at the link below.