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FCAI calls for Government support of ALL low emission technologies
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Recent international and local media reports have highlighted the introduction of stringent targets for the uptake of electric vehicles in the United Kingdom. 

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), which represents all major vehicle manufacturers, supports robust targets for the introduction of low emission vehicles into the Australian market. This includes all vehicle technologies - battery electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

However, the Chamber believes that the emphasis should be on outcomes, rather than mandating specific technologies given Australia’s unique geography.  To this point, the automotive industry has achieved significant gains in the increased efficiency of internal combustion petrol and diesel engines and they will continue to play a significant role for many years to come.

International studies have confirmed that the uptake of new low-emission technology requires strong Government support through the provision of incentivization, infrastructure, specific emissions targets and high-quality fuel.

To ensure Australia achieves the best outcome, the FCAI urges strong Federal and State Government support to encourage both CO2 targets and the adoption all low emission and energy efficient power trains in the Australian market.