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89,199 Motorcycles sold in 2019

Australia’s Motorcycle Market (which includes the ATV/SSV market) fell 6.1 per cent in 2019, with total sales for the full calendar year of 89,199.

The 2019 market remained relatively steady in terms of its composition; however off-road bikes regained the status as the most popular category and comprised 38.5 per cent of the market. Road bikes claimed a 35.8 per cent share, ATV/SSVs accounted for 20.1 per cent of total sales, and scooters again took an increased share of the total sales with 5.6 per cent.

Among individual brands, Honda came in at number one with 20,819 sales (23.3% market share) overall, Yamaha in second place with 19,945 sales (22.4% share), Kawasaki in third with 8,962 sales (10.0% share), followed by KTM (7,670 sales and 8.6%), and Suzuki (6,934 sales and 7.8%).

Road bike sales nationally reduced by 11.9 per cent on the 2018 result. In this segment, Harley-Davidson finished in first position, ahead of Honda, with Yamaha in third. Husqvarna and KTM were the outstanding performers, with increased sales in 2019 compared with 2018 (+24.2% and +18.3% respectively).

In the off-road bike segment, Yamaha was the highest seller, followed by Honda and KTM. Overall, the off-road bike segment suffered a 1.6 per cent fall on its 2018 result with Honda, Husqvarna and Kawasaki as the only brands to record an increase in of-road sales in 2019.

The ATV/SSV segment contracted in its overall share of the total motorcycle market (from 20.6% in 2018 to 20.1% in 2019) and as such, also showed a segment decline (8.5 per cent) for the year. Polaris was the overall 2019 leader with Honda in second place and Yamaha third. Kawasaki was the only brand to post an increase in overall sales for the year.

In an ongoing good news story, the scooter segment was again the only segment to show increases. The 2019 result was up by a significant 15.9 per cent, accounting for 5.6 per cent of the overall market (up from 4.6% of total sales in 2018), Honda was the leader, followed by Suzuki, with Vespa in third place.  BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha all saw increased sales in this segment.