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The Real Risk of Fake Car Parts

Brake failure, cracked wheels, catastrophic engine damage and misfiring airbags – these are just some of the serious issues that can stem from the use of counterfeit parts in car and motorcycle repairs and services.

The risks of counterfeit parts were highlighted recently with the Australian Border Force seizing hundreds of counterfeit Toyota oil filters before they could enter the repair supply chain and potentially cause widespread damage to vehicles.

FCAI chief executive and Genuine Is Best spokesperson Tony Weber said counterfeit parts posed a major safety concern for Australians.

“Counterfeit parts risk lives because they are generally poorly produced and made using sub-standard materials,” he said.

“They are illegal imitations sold as genuine parts.”

Mr Weber said the seizure sends a message to the counterfeiters that Australia won’t tolerate these fake parts entering its borders and also to consumers about the importance of ensuring that only genuine parts are fitted in their vehicles.

“The Australian Border Force has done a fantastic job in stopping yet another attempt to bring counterfeit parts into our country through the back door and ending up in consumers’ cars,” he said.

“This is an important alert for consumers,” Mr Weber said. “A part may look like a genuine part and the packaging may even say it’s a genuine part, but the easiest and best way to tell if it is a genuine part is if it has come through the vehicle maker’s authorised supply chain.

“Unlike these counterfeits – a genuine part is made or selected by the maker of your car or motorcycle and tested by that maker for quality and safety. A genuine part ensures your vehicle drives, functions and protects you the way it was intended by the manufacturer of that vehicle.”

Mr Weber invited consumers wishing to find out more about ways to make sure they always get genuine parts to visit