The Australian motor industry continues to deliver innovation and adapts to satisfy customer needs and expectations. This was reflected in another record year of motor vehicle sales in 2016 of 1.178 million units.

The posting of a third national new vehicle sales record in four years brought with it a continued shift in buyer preferences and market dynamics. For the first time in Australia’s automotive history, a light commercial vehicle, the Toyota Hilux, topped motor vehicle sales nationally.

This changing composition of Australia’s new vehicle market
is noteworthy. The growth in Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) sales in 2016 reached an industry high of 37.4 per cent (up 2 per cent on the previous year), while the share achieved by light commercial vehicles (LCVs) grew to 18.5 per cent (up by 1.3 per cent). As a consequence of this growth, passenger car sales as a proportion of total sales has reduced resulting from the shift in buyer preferences

This record sales result stems from a combination of factors including
an excellent product range, low finance interest rates and the intense competition within the marketplace which delivers undeniable value for the consumer.